1. Responsible for inverter hardware scheme and topology selection design;
2. Responsible for the schematic design of the inverter and guide the PCB engineer to complete the PCB Layout;
3. Responsible for the selection of related components and the design of magnetic components;
4. Responsible for the debugging of the inverter project;
5. Assist the project manager to promote the work related to product conversion to mass production;
Job requirements:
1. More than 2 years of relevant work experience in the power electronics industry, such as: photovoltaic inverters, UPS, charging piles, etc., have a solid professional theoretical foundation, strong practical skills, and clear logical thinking;
2. Project experience related to inverter products is preferred;
3. Familiar with the principle and topology of inverter;
4. Familiar with the characteristics and applications of various power electronic components;
5. Have good communication and coordination skills and teamwork awareness.