Job Responsibilities:
1. To carry out sales work, complete the sales target according to the company and department sales task,
2. T o analyze the local market and customers, find the potential needs of customers, guide the existing needs of relevant customers, and actively develop various sales channels to achieve sales targets;
3. To visit local customers regularly, be responsible for business negotiation with customers, establish customer relationship, and promote orders;
4. To take charge of coordinating various internal and external resources to solve problems during project implementation and improve customer satisfaction;
5. To understand customer needs and potential needs through customer return visit to improve customer satisfaction and facilitate customer secondary development;
6. To participate in various local exhibitions, participated in organizing local customer training and other related work;
7. To complete other related tasks assigned by superior leaders.
1. With Bachelor’s degree or above, major in international trade, business English, power electronics or related;
2. More than 2 years of international trade or PV industry working experience is preferred;
3. Be Good at English reading, writing and listening, able to independently develop local customers and organize relevant meetings and business negotiations; 
4. With overseas business trip or customer visit experience, and be able to complete overseas business trip independently.