INVTSolar India Trip Concludes with Fruitful Results


On September 28th, Renewable Energy India Expo was grandly opened in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, which is the largest renewable energy exhibition in India and South Asia. India is the second largest photovoltaic power market in Asia, with the installed solar power capacity standing at the global forefront, reaching 2.6GW in Q1 of 2022. The location of India determines its blessed light resources, and the market development prospect is huge.



INVTSolar presented three series of PV inverters at the exhibition, among which XG3-10kW single-phase grid-connected inverter and BD3-6kW-RL1 hybrid inverter for household PV power plants were getting much focus at the exhibition.



High demands for household inverters in the local market, INVTSolar BD3-6kW-RL1 hybrid inverter;

˙Maximum efficiency: 97.6%;

˙Input power source priority can be set by users;

˙IP65 Protection Degree: support outdoor installation;

˙Battery reverse connection protection;

˙Support RS485/CAN/DRM (WiFi/4G optional): remote monitoring and operation via PC or mobile phones;

˙Support automatic battery switch;

˙Support diesel generator as the input source;

˙Parallel available, intelligent BMS management;

˙Export control (Zero export) ;

˙Compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

It is certainly a better choice for household rooftop solar power plants.



The show was led by the local team of INVTSolar, Brijesh, the team leader, said that the exhibition was fruitful, learning about the latest market situation and innovative technologies in the local PV industry, strengthening existing partnerships, exploring a number of potential clients, and open up new opportunities for future development. We look forward to working with more local partners to promote the development of renewable energy and contribute to a global low-carbon future.