A technology venture park in Huangshi, Hubei, China has built a 5.916MW commercial and industrial rooftop solar power plant, all of which are powered by INVTSolar's XG series solar inverters, which were completely connected to the grid and put into use in early July this year.


The park has had a number of key backbone enterprises in recent years, and the demand for electricity is growing fast, predicting that the annual electricity consumption of the park will reach 2.8 billion kWh in the next four years.

The solar power station in this park is successfully put into use and is expected to become a key area in the Huangshi region of Hubei to build a new energy-based power system with power + grid + load + energy storage integration.


The PV inverters installed in the solar project are all from the INVTSolar XG series, including 46 XG100kW three-phase grid-tied solar inverters and one XG50kW solar inverter, all of which are in highly efficient and stable operation.


Features of INVTSolar XG series on-grid solar inverter include:

•  High single circuit tracking accuracy, fast dynamic response and higher power generation;

•  Support DC input oversizing for higher revenue;
•  Compatible with high-power modules for benefit from both conversion efficiency and cost;
•  Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis Function: locate PV string faults accurately and automatically detect faults;
•  Intelligent Fault Detection: ac-side voltage and current waveforms real-time recorded, fast fault location;
Project Value

High Efficiency and Economy, Zero Carbon and Eco-Friendly

After the project is successfully connected to the grid, it will have great economic and social benefits for the development of Huangshi.

Annual average power generation: 5.8 million kWh

Annual standard coal saving: 2321.44 tons

Annual CO2 emission reduction: 5786.2 tons

Annual SO2 emission reduction: 174.11 tons

Ps: The above power generation is calculated according to the average daily peak sunshine (3.7kWh/m²/day).
Creating a new type of power system and laying out urban clean energy is of great significance to the economic development of cities. INVTSolar is willing to continue to develop and manufacture efficient and safe photovoltaic products, effectively solve the actual needs of solar power plants, and contribute to building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system with green industry as a platform.