Type: On-grid

Date: 2017-08-09

Location: Melbourne System

Capacity: 10kW

Inverter: INVT iMars MG 5KTL-2M 

A residential rooftop system was installed in Melbourne, which adopted 2 sets of INVT iMars MG 5KTL-2M totaling 10KW. M means MPPT (maximum power point tracing), which makes sure the power stays in maximal, so that the whole system can output the most electricity power all the time. For our client’s big house and large pond, they need more electricity power, so the best solution is to use MG 5KTL with 2Ms to ensure that the maximum power is more exact, not added any solar inverters. With this 10KW solar power station in house, our client can not only meet their daily electricity power needs, but also add their extra income.