Type: Hybrid/Energe Storage

Data: 2018-12-29

Location: Melbourne, Australia

System Capacity: 6kW

Inverter: INVT iMars BD5KTL 

Quantity: 2 Sets

The Republic of Armenia is located in the Central Asia Plateau with good sunshine conditions. Due to the unstable grid power, the local users always suffer from power shortage. Therefore, the local people are very fond of the product with the function of UPS, and make use of the infra-red lighting conditions to generate electricity from the grid, and the excess power can be connected to the grid. They believe that photovoltaic energy storage system is the best solution, and INVT hybrid inverters meet the local needs. Since the installation of the INVT hybrid inverters last year, as its high photovoltaic power capacity, reliable quality and using with accumulator, it brings great convenience and benefits to local users.