On July 9, the "Small and Medium-Sized Commercial and Industrial PV Market Development Seminar", sponsored by Shared Energy and Shared Energy Storage Information and jointly directed by Jiangsu PV Industry Association, Jiangsu Province Renewable Energy Industry Association, Zhejiang Solar PV Industry Association, China New Energy Power Investment and Financing Alliance, Henan New Energy Industry Development Alliance, Shandong Solar Energy Industry Association and Hebei PV New Energy Chamber of Commerce, was held in Xuzhou Greenland Platinum Hotel, Jiangsu Province, China.


The conference provided authoritative reference information and constructive multi-party discussions on industrial and commercial distributed PV industry policies, market outlook, business models, solutions, etc., building an efficient and accurate communication platform for participating enterprises, thus promoting the healthy and orderly development of the PV industry.


As a distributed PV inverter expert and smart energy solution provider, INVT Solar also attended the event with its newly developed XG series three-phase grid-connected PV inverters and industrial and commercial PV solutions. XG series has 1.6 times DC over-allocation, 1.1 times AC overload, MPPT efficiency up to 99.90%, high power generation, and can bring more benefits for industrial and commercial power plants. At the same time, XG series is more flexible and intelligent, with 2~12 MPPT configuration, intelligent IV diagnosis, and better adaptation to grid complexity, which can be better used and improved in effect at the user side.


The INVT Solar's on-site booth attracted many industry professionals for communication. " The INVT Solar has been engaged in the PV industry for many years, and the new XG series solar inverters brought this time can match the high-power PV module, and for high-power modules, it can reach 16A at present," said Ren Weifeng, general manager of  INVT Solar, "With the technical iteration of inverter products, the The core of the future product development of  INVT Solar is to be more intelligent. In the face of future high-voltage output, it is necessary to reduce system losses and system costs by increasing the power ratio of the whole area, thus making the whole equipment and the whole product more intelligently managed and more convenient for users."