During June 20th -22th 2018, at Intersolar Munich solar energy exhibition, INVT Solar interpret innovative applications of new products and solutions for the world's guests.

B2.560C, INVT Solar presents a series of exquisite products and new solutions on site:


In the small system demonstration of BPD solar water pump inverter, a single pump can drive multiple pumps, and freely set the water pump speed range, optional water level detection module, APP remote start and stop, etc., so that customers can intuitively understand that they are intelligent and efficient. The features of the easy-to-plug terminal are easy and quick to install.


iMars BN series of off-grid inverters, 1-6KW power section is optional, the combination of traditional off-line uninterruptible power supply with power frequency off-grid and solar power control. It provides flexible, safe and reliable system solutions for uninterrupted power supply to homes and industries.



iMars MG single-phase grid-tied inverter is a new-generation PV string inverter developed by INVT Solar for home users. It is small in size, light in weight, easy to install and maintain, and extremely cost-effective.


iMars BG three-phase grid-connected inverter is a solar string inverter developed by INVT for commercial users and distributed ground power plants. It adopts advanced T-type three-level topology combined with SVPWM technology and has high power density. Modular design, easy installation and maintenance, cost-effective, providing more flexible system solutions for distributed solar power systems and large ground solar power plants.


BD hybrid inverter is a new generation of solar energy storage products developed by INVT based on the concept of intelligent and maintenance-free. The product integrates charging, energy storage and solar inverter, BMS battery management system and so on. Off-grid 10ms no gap switching; can automatically determine the off-grid or grid-connected mode, and access to the smart grid, to achieve peak-filling, self-use and other power needs.

The solar storage and charging integrated solution is a new energy system solution for INVT Solar. It can connect energy storage resources such as industrial and commercial energy, household energy storage, electric vehicles, etc., to build a bridge between power grids and energy storage users, and provide users with a full range of services.

Intersolar 2018, INVT Solar rewards customers for their brand in the show and share. In the course of 16 years of development, INVT has been innovating and advancing with the times. 

The future energy ecology, solar energy to energy storage, digital intelligent power system, smart life will be worth exploring and expecting.