INVTSolar’s XG50-100kW Inverter Powered the 2.47MW Solar System of A Commercial Park
Nowadays, many industries are accelerating their efforts toward energy transition. For commercial parks with diverse consumption patterns, the operators are faced with the challenge of implementing low-carbon and green development. In Wuhan, China, The QISHEGREALESTATE Commercial Park's clean energy sets a perfect example of a clean energy approach for many other commercial parks’ energy transition.
QISHEGREALESTATE Commercial Park is a fully-equipped commercial hub where electricity consumption plays a crucial role. To combat rising electricity costs and stay current with the trend of the energy transition, the park has installed a rooftop distributed solar power plant with a capacity of 2.47MW. This move is expected to yield significant savings on energy expenditure.
The commercial solar power plant features INVTSolar's high-performance XG50-136kW three-phase on-grid inverters. The project includes six sets of XG110KTR, ten sets of XG100KTR, and seven sets of XG50KTR. These high-performing inverters boast numerous merits: high-power generation efficiency, flexible adaptability, multi-protection, and user-friendly operation and maintenance. They are compatible with a broad range of photovoltaic modules, and they elevate the revenue potential of the solar power plant, further amplifying its profitability.
On July 17th, 2023, the PV plant was successfully connected to the grid and put into operation. It utilizes a mode of self-generation and the surplus is fed into the local grid, generating an impressive average of 2.35 million kWh annually for 25 years. This results in an annual savings of 771.3 tons of standard coal, and a reduction of 2,344.7 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The project's stable operation will optimize the system energy structure of the industrial park, promote energy transition, and alleviate the burden on the park's power supply.
INVTSolar is a leading manufacturer of PV inverters and ranks among the top ten distributed PV inverter brands in China. Our unwavering commitment to supplying top-tier PV inverters to different industries promotes the uptake of clean energy and contributes to the nation's journey towards carbon peak and carbon neutrality.