INVT Solar Boosts A Paper Manufacturer Green Energy Transition
Governmental strict environmental policies require the paper industry to adopt green production methods. PV technology integration offers an effective solution for the industry's transition to sustainability. Our client paper manufacturer located in Xuzhou, China, has extensive production facilities and a large number of equipments, leading to high electricity consumption. To cut down on expenses and keep up with the new energy transition, the company partnered with a local investment firm to install a 2.8MW solar power plant on the factory roof in June of this year. 
In the early stages of model selection, the investor thoroughly evaluated the inverters' safety and power generation performance, taking into account the unique characteristics of the paper industry, which involves working with flammable materials and requires a significant energy-carrying capacity. After careful consideration, the investor has settled on the INVTSolar XG series of three-phase on-grid inverters. This selection includes 28 sets of XG60KTR, 6 sets of XG110KTR, and 1 set of XG50KTR-PLUS, known for their safety and efficiency.