INVTSolar to Facilitate Power Generation of A 6.7MW Solar Project
Anhui Lifeng Industrial Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as the LiFeng) located in Chizhou City, Anhui Province, is an artificial stone manufacturing and sales company that advocates an ecological economy and circular economy and focuses on green building materials.


It is well known that manufacturing industries face high pressure from the cost of energy. Energy upgrading is an effective means to help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. The LiFeng company took full advantage of the solar resources on the rooftop to install a 6.7MW commercial solar power plant, which makes it a pioneer of low-carbon manufacturing in the industry.



The XG136KTR three-phase on-grid solar inverter from INVTSolar, whose flagship XG100-136kW inverter was successfully connected to the grid on May 6, 2023, has been employed in this project. The 46 solar inverters are operating effectively, and the annual average power generation is anticipated to reach 65 million kWh. It will be enough to meet all of the energy needs of the LiFeng company and actualize the mode of self-consumption as a priority, with the excess being supplied to the local grid. Thus, LiFeng has gained further revenue from the Solar system.



The LiFeng company uses clean and renewable PV power generation in its manufacturing process, with particularly significant green benefits.


Green Output,

Saving standard coals: 2600.67 tons

SO2 emission reduction: 195.05 tons

CO2 emission reduction: 6482.16 tons